***  CLOSED May 25th  ***  OSHA General Starts May 4th  ***  OSHA Construction Starts May 18th  ***  FIT TESTS  Are on Tuesdays and Thursdays - Call For Details ***


Safety Talk Topics


ARSC Basic Study Guide

Basic Orientation Plus™ vs. OSHA Requirements

Accidents Don’t ‘Just Happen’

A Close Look at Close Calls

Add a Touch of Creativity in Your Safety Meetings

Almost an Accident


Attendance Form - Safety Meeting (MS Word)

Confined Space

Conquer Hazards with Safe Habits

Crane Safety

Don’t Kick the Habit

Don’t Take Anything for Granted

Employee Right to Know Under OSHA


Fall Protection

Fire Extinguishers

Forget About Luck

Golden Rule for Safety

Ground Fault Protection

Hand Tools

Hazard Communications

Hearing Conservation

Heat Stress

Hurry-up Can Hurt

It Can’t Happen to You?

It’s Our Own Responsibility

Job Knowledge—A Key to Job Safety


Make a Mental Map

Making Zero Accidents Our Goal

Personal Protective Equipment

Right Habit, Safe Habit

Safety Attitudes

Safety Talk Tips

Setting a Good Example

Start and Finish Safely

Stay on Guard

Take Safety Personally


The Right Safety Attitude


Think Safety

Unsafe Shortcuts

Watch Your Other Hand

What Is Safety?

Braskem  Neal Plant



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